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New: Coaching now starts at $300. 4-Hour one-on-one workshops start at $495. Download the PDF for more details!

Design is a Business

Hi, I’m Matthew Rechs. I started Business Letters with two goals:

  1. To help designers be more successful by improving the way they do business.

  2. To help businesses get better results as they work on creative projects and in creative markets.

For Designers

If you are a creative person looking to up your game by improving the way you handle business with your clients, I can put my 25 years of experience to work for you. I do this by providing coaching services that will help improve your business skills.

What is business coaching? It’s training for the skills you need to make your creative business successful — skills that you weren’t born with, and that you didn’t learn in school. Things like: How to sell yourself, how to get paid as much as possible, how to get clients and keep them, how to collect what you're owed, and how to negotiate everything.

You’ve honed your creative skills. With years of training and hours of practice, you can breathe life into your clients’ words, and make their very imagination come alive. Genius flows from every click — well, most of the time. But without business skills, there is a limit to how far even your most brilliant work can go.

Coaching Services

Most of the creative people I talk to share the same top two concerns: First, how can I get more clients? Second, how can I make the clients I have more profitable?

With my wide-ranging experience in the industry, I can help creative people improve their business skills. I only need about an hour to get to know you and your business well enough to start giving you ideas you can put right to work. And the first half-hour of consultation is free for anybody who’d like to pick up the phone.

I start out with every client by recommending that they buy and read these three books — two by Mike Monteiro and one by Dan Mall — that every designer should own. You can get a jump on things by grabbing them right now, it’s only $38 for all three eBooks. I recommend these books out a sincere belief that they will help you achieve your goals. I have no financial relationship with the authors or publishers.

For Type Designers & Foundries

My coaching services are perfect for many type industry pros who are looking to perfect the way their businesses interact with their customers.

I also provide other services specifically designed for type designers and foundries looking to take their business to the next level:

  • For international type foundries, I can provide a US-based sales office that allows your American corporate customers to work with me on complex licensing transactions.
  • For enterprise and volume programs, I can optimize your sales techniques drawing on my extensive experience at Adobe and Typekit.
  • I can provide sales assistance to any foundry or designer looking to reduce the amount of time working with clients, paperwork, and legal matters, and increase the amount of time you spend drawing type.

For Corporations

For corporations working in the creative industries, I provide a variety of consulting services in two primary areas:

I have specialized expertise in the area of Font Consulting, with extensive expertise in the areas of font licensing, font procurement, custom font design, and the many other issues relevant to font procurement in a corporate context. In Product Management, I can partner with your in-house team to help bring creative ideas to life. Through most of my career, I’ve been responsible for seeing projects from the whiteboard to fruition, accountable to senior management for a successful launch.

If your company is looking to license a font, either an enterprise license or a custom typeface design, I can help. I’ve worked on hundreds of type licensing transactions worth millions of dollars. I can help prepare an RFP, identify appropriate vendors, negotiate terms, conditions, and cost, and close the deal.

For companies working on creative projects in other areas, I have an extensive background in Product Management. Some specific areas I’ve helped with in Product Management are:

  • Product Management Process and Artifacts

  • Product/Service Sales and Marketing

  • Organizational Development

  • Product Development

  • Product Strategy

  • Launch Strategy

  • Investor/Stakeholder Presentations

  • Marketing/Communications Strategy

I work on an hourly or per-project basis, and have an extensive track record of driving outstanding business outcomes for companies of all sizes.

You can click below to learn more about me and my work. The fastest way to get more information is to send an email or to pick up the phone and call me.

The number on the right rings on my desk in Montclair, New Jersey.




Montclair, NJ

(973) 798-6868

@MrEchs on twitter

Monteiro’s book “Design is a Job” was, in part, my inspiration for starting Business Letters. You should buy it.

Monteiro’s book “Design is a Job” was, in part, my inspiration for starting Business Letters. You should buy it.

Areas of Practice


I provide coaching services for creative people looking to improve their businesses. Specific areas I can help with are sales, marketing, collections, increasing revenue per client, client retention, improving contracts, invoices, and more. A great place to start is with these three books — two by Mike Monteiro and one by Dan Mall — that every designer should own.

product development

With nearly a decade at Adobe Type and Typekit (now Adobe Fonts), I have a proven track record in product management overseeing one of the most successful ventures in the modern history of type. I can help organize your product team, process, and strategy to ensure your plans have the best chance of success.


I work with designers and companies to help solve licensing problems in the type industry. I have extensive experience working in this area, including working with complex intellectual property challenges crossing international borders.

BUSINESS development

With my extensive network of relationships in the type, design, and technology industries, I team up with my clients to help them achieve their business goals. Successful business development is about relationships built on mutual interests. I can help you find partners that share your goals and craft partnerships with them to help move your business forward.

business strategy

I can help your company map out a strategy for your business that’s informed by the changing marketplace. My knowledge of the players in the industry and the directions they’re headed can help you make the smartest choices.

PROPOSALS and rfps

After nearly 15 years in the agency world, I have been through literally hundreds of proposals and RFP responses on both sides of the table. I can help corporate clients prepare RFPs and select type industry vendors for projects of any size. On the sell side, I can help designers and agencies prepare sizzling proposals that are sure to win the day.



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